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Welcome to Anne Popperwell Paintings.


I have felt compelled to make art and express myself through images since I was a child. In my late teens it occurred to me that I could make art my life’s work and I began to study and work in earnest. I have been painting and exhibiting my work for over 25 years.


My true love is to paint the natural world, to make an equivalent of my experience of its stunning beauty. I’m particularly interested in the qualities of light and my paintings are well known for their luminosity.
I work in both watercolor on heavy watercolor paper and acrylic on canvas. Watercolor is wonderful for its inherent subtlety, transparency and luminosity but it does have size limitations. Working in acrylic gives me the freedom to work on larger pieces, which I love.


My paintings in both acrylic and watercolor are created using thin layers of color that I build up; the very darkest areas of my paintings may have 30 or 40 layers of color.

I developed my style of painting through considering the subject of my first major series of paintings, seaworn sandstone rock formations. I choose to work in watercolor, found paper that had a similar texture to the stone, worked with earth pigments in layers of color, all to create connection to the subject for myself and the viewer. As I worked, I became fascinated with the forms of the stones, the lines and patterns and the curves and hollows.

Although now I am working with different subject matter and in another medium as well, this process and these considerations still inform my style today.






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